At Solen Energy Group we are great believers in giving people opportunities and that everyone deserves a chance.  To celebrate National Apprenticeship week I wanted to focus specifically on 2 of our employee’s that are what I would describe as a true asset to the company.

In July last year our office hit a point where the staff that we had in place literally couldn’t take on any more, we were growing at a rapid pace and every member of our team was plate spinning.  It was decided that we needed to do a recruitment drive, we needed staff and we needed them quick.

The issue with this is that candidates that are good are a) hard to come by and b) not always available straight away.  Our predicament was clear; we either ask our current staff to start working shifts and overtime OR we use the services of a recruitment agency and get some temporary cover until we recruited permanent staff.  All of these options didn’t seem appealing to me or the management team for a number of reasons.

So back to the drawing board it was and after mulling over our limited options I got thinking about my own career and where it all started.  I had a bit of a light bulb moment and recalled how my first job was as an apprentice, my first permanent job started straight after my GCSE’s and I worked for a company that set me up with the tools and experience that I needed to be in the position I am today.

With all of this in mind I decided to have a chat with some apprenticeship organisations about the whole process in general and what was involved.  I spoke to many companies but 2 really stood out to me (Jarvis Training Management and Mode Training) as they went over and above and sent me lots of CV’s, they really wanted to get these candidates in a job and their passion was inspiring.  I interviewed a number of candidates and it was a really hard decision to make as each person that had come for the interview had really prepared and came across well.  We needed 2 people, 1 for our warehouse and 1 for our office.  It was a hard decision but I had made up my mind and we took on our 2 apprentices (Tom Williams and Kane Murphy.)

Now, let me tell you both of these candidates have excelled.   They have worked their socks off since day 1, no task that is set is too much for them and overall they have fitted right in like they have worked with us for years.  They have both been through rigorous training and have really got their heads down and embraced it all.  The feedback that I have been given from there apprenticeship governing bodies about their course work has also been really positive, in fact they are well ahead of schedule!

My advice to companies that are looking at recruiting is to consider taking on apprentices.  Invest your time in them, give them as much training as you can and mould them into the employee you want them to be.  We all started somewhere so give someone a chance, an opportunity and watch them flourish!

Kane Murphy tom 2