S:Flex have developed a new low-ballast pitched roof system for non-penetrative installation on foil and bitumen roofs.

The Flat Direct is ideal for commercial buildings with low load-bearing reserves. S:Flex now offers installers a new, aerodynamic installation system for this rapidly growing segment of commercial buildings. Flat Direct can be used on pitched roofs with up to 30° incline and guarantees short installation times with its pre-assembled components.

Aerodynamic functionality is achieved with 11mm strong foam rubber pads. They are readily glued underneath the aluminium bottom rails of the system and are characterised by their high friction coefficients while allowing for a significant reduction of ballast. On top of that, the structural properties of Flat Direct with the air gaps between the modules produce a suction effect in the direction of the roof and achieve the best possible rear ventilation.

Further advantages of foam rubber pads over conventional building protection mats are their good material compatibility with all conventional roofing materials. The migration of plasticisers from the roof membrane, leading to embrittlement, is prevented just as well as mechanical effects on the roofing. Long-term damage is reliably prevented and it securely anchored to all roof shapes

Flat Direct is usable on a variety of roof types: unilateral or bilateral installation of vertically or horizontally arranged framed modules is possible on gable, pent, shed and butterfly roofs. Secure anchoring is achieved by way of mechanical coupling or counterweights on the roof ridge. A special ridge angle joint was designed for installations on pitched roofs, which can be easily adapted to the local situation. The system solution was designed to meet the specifications of snow load zone 3 and wind load zone 4. Ballast stone holders are available for installations where project-specific parameters require additional ballast.

S:Flex once again relies on its proven modular system for the new mounting solution: the bottom and module mounting rails are provided as standard products with prefabricated lengths. They are indefinitely extendable with rail connectors. One type of click-in mid and end clamps will suffice to connect modules of all frame sizes.

The Flat Direct, which was developed in cooperation with PMT (Premium Mounting Technologies), is rounded off with optionally available covers for the cable channels integrated into the bottom rails. This way, string cables are protected against permanent and harmful environmental influences, UV radiation in particular. For every project, we also offer an optional system-specific report with a location-based structural analysis.

For more information on the Flat Direct click on the data sheet below:

Flat Direct data sheet

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