Megaman is the leading manufacturers of low energy light bulbs. Established in 1994 they took the world by storm introducing the classically designed candle shaped compact fluorescents. In 2002 Megaman successfully launched the first ever CFL GU10 reflector, as an energy saving substitute which lead to the development of a supplementary 21 energy saving lamps.

Three years later on from their development of energy saving GU10’s, Megaman introduced the four step dimming series to their range.

In 2007 Megaman followed up on their initial dimming series with a new range of dimmable energy saving lamps. In the year to follow, Megaman was responsible for the sale of over 20 million lamps and global sales of over 250 million.

By 2009 Megaman had launched a replacement for the halogen lamp which was the LED Reflector series with TCH technology incorporated.

The LED reflector series was developed to include the brand new LED MR16 with the classic design of the candle which is better known as the LED candle light.

In 2013 and 2014 the Megaman Company continued to grow with the sole distribution rights of the LightwaveRF within the UK and the production of a new product called the IncandleLED. The LED 6W GU10 was named ‘Best Value for Money’ in the greatly established LUX magazine and the economy LED series with 15,000 hour range was launched.

Megaman is a worldwide leader with a highly exclusive range of LED lighting products. They are celebrated for coalescing quality lighting performance with extensive energy savings. Their state-of-the-art LED based products are seen as ‘The Best in the Business’ by leading professionals in this sector.

Green Trader 24 are proud stockists of the Megaman brand and house a large range of LED bulbs in various fittings, including the iconic LED candle light. Which was introduced in 1994,.  You can view our range of Megaman products here:

As well as being the main distributor of LED lamps and serving the general public with the best energy savers in the UK, Megaman also do their bit for the planet too!  Megaman houses a large on-site recycling facility which saves 15kg of mercury per year, It also treats 1800 tonnes of industrial waste water a month. Their promise is to reduce Hazardous substances, to reduce consumption of energy, water and materials and to use environmentally friendly materials in production. You can view the sustainability report filed from 2009-210 here: