Duracell are a leading manufacturer of batteries. The company was founded in the early 1920’s by Samuel Ruben and Phillip Rodgers. Duracell has become an iconic personal power brand and are highly trusted for compressed long lasting batteries.

The Duracell Company began its story in the early 1920’s with an imaginative scientist who went by the name Samuel Ruben and a tradesman specialising in tungsten filament who went by the name of Phillip Rodgers.

Ruben came to the P.R. Mallory Corporation looking for a piece of apparatus he needed for an experiment. Ruben and Mallory saw a prospect which would unite Ruben’s inventive mastermind with Mallory’s engineering power. Their partnership, which would last until Mallory’s death in 1975, was the substratum of Duracell International.

The company’s first alkaline battery was invented in the 1960’s and was advertised under the Mallory brand name. The new generation of batteries were specifically created to supply Kodak camera’s which integrated flash into the camera and required ultimate power supply.

The Duracell brand name came about in 1965, along with consumer determined programs and products. Duracell’s batteries where directly supplied to huge companies such as Polaroid, Kodak and Agfa. The demand was increasing and in 1965 Duracell took part in the Apollo 13 mission and became first battery to the moon.

Duracell today finds its everlasting home within Berkshire Hathaway. Duracell continues to focus on maintainable growth, industry-leading inventions and generating long term value for its customers and consumers. Duracell’s aim is to become the world’s undisputed number 1 Personal Power Company.

Duracell manufacture a large range of batteries, from their Alkaline Copper Top batteries which are commonly used to power up your household devices such as remote controls and weighing scales to their Quantum batteries which are used for flashlights, smoke detectors. The Quantum Battery is a Hi-density core battery and has a power supply check on the side of the battery shell.

Duracell also manufacture Industrial high performance batteries which are commonly used to power medical and safety equipment, torches and microphones. With a higher charge density than standard batteries, these industrial grade cells can outlast standard alkaline batteries by up to ten times. There is also no need to worry about long storage times, since the low self-discharge characteristics of these batteries mean that you can leave the batteries on the shelf for up to 7 years and rest assured you still count on them being a highly reliable output.

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