It’s safe to say they’re taking over the LED world simply because they are extremely energy efficient & have great lifespans that come with 3 year warranty options.

Certain brands such as Deltech offer amazing value for money and offer a great Slim Line LED batten that is the perfect lighting option for any domestic or commercial space.

Amazingly affordable with prices starting from £12.99 & 3-year warranty options available there’s no wonder why Deltech’s Slim Line LED Battens out perform traditional fluorescent fittings in terms of start-up & maintenance price. Plus, with no mercury component (unlike their traditional fluorescent fitting counterparts) they are entirely safe & very easy to dispose at the end of their life cycle.

The cheap pricing of Slim Line LED Battens is brilliant but that’s not all that makes them the perfect lighting option! Slim Line LED Battens are extremely easy & straightforward to install. And if that wasn’t enough all Deltech LED battens have a 35000 hour life time – that’s 4 years!

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