CHINT are a major league player in the low voltage electrical power Low-voltage electrical, Power Transmission and Distribution industries in China.

This company was founded in 19854 Wenzhou,China and since its appearance they company have exceeded expectations of growth and recognition more than they could have ever imagined. In 2006 CHINT ranked 15th in the list of top100 Companies released by Forbes, which evaluated all private, companies in China.

The company also had colossal turnover amount of $2 Billion near in the end of 2006. In the last 22 years, they have expanded from a home run work shop of just 7 employees to a leading manufacturer of electrical products which includes 8 specialized branches with over 800 specialized partners and 16,000 employees worldwide.

As you are aware by now CHINT specialize in electrical products and their main product types are Main products lines of CHINT cover the following categories: high, Medium and low voltage electrical gear, power transmission and distribution equipment’s, measuring meters and instruments, electrical products for construction, automation control devices and automobile applications.

CHINT have offices and produce products all around the world in countries such as USA, Germany, Russia and Brazil. They have established a global sales network encompassing more than 70 managers, sole distributors, secondary distributors and local partners all over the world

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